Ferrari Imballaggi has been active since the 1940s and has specialized in the production of tinplate food packaging. We are established as a leader in the canning industry on the domestic market, especially for tinplate containers for the ice cream industry.

A century of innovation





Tinplate canning jars

Strong, lightweight and endlessly recyclable: tinplate packaging is widely used in the food industry for its excellent storage capacity. The tinplate acts as a barrier against moisture and oxygen, protects food and keeps it fresh.

We offer tinplate packaging for different industries and solutions tailored to specific technical needs. Our jars are available in various sizes and shapes, and are customizable with different opening systems, handles, bottoms, lids.

Ferrari Imballaggi: our plant

Strategically located in the industrial area of Padua, our plant has a functional and modern design that represents our image at best: an avant-garde reality, linked to strong values, and with the same passion of the beginnings.

Tinplate: a sustainable choice

Our tinplate canning jars are made from permanent materials and infinitely recyclable. They never lose their value and properties: once they enter the usage cycle, they are available forever. Choosing metal packaging means saving raw materials, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

An opportunity for our planet
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All Ferrari Packaging containers are marked along the welding with the environmental coding FE40, which indicates steel. The jars keep it for the entire life cycle, from production to disposal.

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